Quid pro quo: Gain FREE Massive Exposure HERE:

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  The Perfect #WIN #WIN Situation! 

“If you’re reading this & would like FREE MASSIVE EXPOSURE for your book, business, video, film, music, art, poetry or blog to my 250,000+ Twitter Followers simply REVIEW! my BOOK on one of the AMAZON LINKS below, and, then e-mail me at: FreeLanceJoe@Live.co.uk with YOUR well designed promotional tweet which you’d like me to send out & PROMOTE for YOU!

Note: please include your AMAZON Link where YOUR BOOK can be PURCHASED or add your Web-Site, Blog-Site, Poetry, Art, Video, Film, Music or Business Link to your promotional tweet!

As a wonderful added bonus our awesome team of promoters will also retweet your promotional tweet to well over Half a Million of their own Followers, too, if you add #ASMSG #Author at the end of your tweet!

You can review my book: “Nourished By That Which Consumes

HERE for the USAhttp://amzn.to/1h60WHV 

HERE for the UKhttp://amzn.to/1geBuRe

 simply e-mail your promotional tweet to: FreeLanceJoe@live.co.uk


I’m also constructing the ultimate conglomerate on Google+ Team Bossy Gals HERE: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/118403264107070885897?cfem=1

It will hopefully with your help & in-put eventually become the ultimate meeting place for: Female entrepreneurs, advocates, businesses, authors, Writers, Bloggers, Artists & Poets. It’s already a growing at a phenomenal rate, and, is fast becoming an altruistical community ALL working in a friendly concerted manner to maximize publicity for colleagues & by doing so gain publicity for the conglomerate. The community openly encourages all members to leave links to their businesses, campaigns, work & to publicly share their colleague’s work, too, which will benefit our whole community. We work on a quid pro quo format so if you wish to join us simply post your wonderful news .

Note: Writers who put the most work into building this wonderful community up by supplying wonderful awesome informative, and, helpful work will retain the much coveted prime position of owning their own on-site Blog among our top twenty-blog-spots situated in the list underneath my avatar picture, (this is limited offer to all those putting the most effort in who will eventually permanently hold these prime Blog positions): “WITH THE CREAM POST FROM OUR MEMBERS RISING TO TAKE PRIME SPOT PINNED AT THE TOP OF THE SITE EACH DAY/WEEK!”

Kind Regards Cap’n Joe 😉

Founder, of the huge web-site: http://MARSocial.com


156 comments on “Quid pro quo: Gain FREE Massive Exposure HERE:

  1. The trailer looks really good and is very well put together (So is the website). My only problem was that some of the bolder coloured font was difficult to read without going to full screen. Having said that it was far better than anything I could have put together. I will be taking you up on your offer and will read your book and leave a review. Simon

  2. I thought the trailer was excellent, had no problems at all reading it, I am a songwriter and would love to get all the publicity i can get, through Blogs , or pages like your talking about, i enjoyed it , thanks for posting this , great read ans info

  3. This is an awesome idea.I appreciate such forum to bring writers and ideas from all sphere of life. This is great.

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