6 comments on “Cap’n Joe’s Interview with a former Saudi Princess’s bodyguard – Author Jana Petken

  1. The late Calvin Hoffman, a New York Times Journalist claimed in his book: “The Man Who Was Shakespeare” that Christopher Marlowe should be credited with the works of Shakespeare. This led me to do extensive historical research covering all the great writers throughout history trying to prove his hypothesis. This not only gave me a wonderful awesome education but also showed me the phenomenal pleasure one gets from historical research. Although Hoffman left a $1,000,000 legacy at the King’s School, Canterbury, England, as a hook for anyone who could possibly prove his theory, it is really me who should have paid him money for the amazing incentive it gave me to do this research and educate myself by writing a 500,000 word dissertation. Therefore I can fully empathize with Jana Petkan and the enjoyment she gains from historical research. Kind Regards Cap’n Joe 😉

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