9 comments on “Cap’n Joe’s Interview with Karynne Summars

    • My pleasure Karynne it all makes fascinating reading, and, gives my readers inspirational ideas to reach for the stars and capture their dreams. Mazel tov on the wonderful success of your book, and, the sequel, that is when you get time to finish that latter with your extremely busy schedule! Kind Regards Cap’n Joe 😉

  1. Yeah, time is one thing I don’t have enough of. I have to streamline everything a little more and also set some time aside for myself occasionally.

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  3. Hello Karynne, I just enjoyed your interview with Cap’n Joe, went straight to Amazon and ordered your book for my mother as she’d love it. I’ll send her the sequel once its ready too 🙂 Never stop your writing!!

    • Thank you very much for purchasing my book, Andy. I hope your mother will like it. I guess it will be a Mother’s Day gift? Here is another gift idea for anyone reading this. In the paperback version there are a couple of blank pages in the beginning as with any book. You can write a personal note in there for whoever you give the book to. In case you give it to a spouse or significant other, you can even spice up your romantic life by writing something romantic or suggestive on these pages before you give it to that person.

      I also enjoyed your interview, Andy. Cap’n Joe is on to something here.

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