10 comments on “Cap’n Joe’s Interview about Andy’s “AWESOME” Story

  1. Wow this is an amazing story, and, a warning to new authors who set out on the dangerous path of getting their book published. Thank you for sharing the pitfalls Andy. – Kind Regards Cap’n Joe

    • Thank you so much Kathy. Now all the Author House crap has been removed and it has been republished, I’m sure everyone will enjoy my ‘hard to believe’ exploits. Its why I’ve included 70 pics, especially on my murder attempt and all the voodoo being done. Screenplay gets very good after page 60 🙂 It’s an accurate account of the struggle I had getting the knife’s off the crazed Kazakh psychopath in Atyrau!!

    • Thank you Kingsley, I thought Bon Jovi’s music quite fitting 🙂 I would have had more pics if my laptop bag hadn’t been stollen in Ghana along with my camera, wallet etc.

    • I think you have a valid point there lol. Maybe should take something to keep me home safe instead 🙂

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